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im so about valjean being silently furious about this boy cosette’s dating 

about how he’s older and he studies law and he’s just so interesting, papa

and because it concerns cosette valjean jumps to conclusions and the image in his head is some smug, smarmy young arse with a motorbike and cosette’s just going to eat it up but what can he do? he can’t force her not to go out with this presumably arrogant, ill-intentioned-

and he hears a bicycle bell and marius cycles up to the front door at 11:59 exactly with cosette wearing his helmet and reflective vest while she holds onto his waist and he says hello and sorry for keeping cosette out so late, sir 

and it’s like 


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Because Pitbulls need love too.


…an ode to 1970s skater girls. 

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Dog Tumblr Posts

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whenever teddy lupin spends time in muggle london, random strangers will go up to him and ask where he goes to get his hair dyed bc “it looks so authentic!” and he just smiles and says “my mum” 

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I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one

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Some people on this site are so pissy like stop go pet a dog it’s not healthy to always be so upset at everything get rid of those bad vibes and actually enjoy life

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I never tell people off the bat that I’m gay. I wait. I wait until they say some homophobic shit and then I laugh and am like “you know I’m gay right?” And watch the look of terror on their face.

i like you

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First year epidemiology in a nutshell. 

This cracked me up

I tried to scroll past this fucking wall of text on my dash because ain’t nobody got time for that, but I ended up reading a few sentences anyway and by that point I couldn’t stop.


excuse me but

  • come home with me
  • courfeyrac whispered in his ear with a smile
  • around courfeyrac, marius breathed easily
  • 'monsieur courfeyrac is responsible for you' 'yes.'
  • flung himself on his neck
  • i have come to sleep with you
  • have you not an intimate friend

okay have a nice day

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